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November 28, 2016


Sunday, November 27th marked the Huntington’s second annual holiday light celebration. Many neighbors gathered at the center of the Huntington on Pampas Ricas to join in welcoming the holiday season and celebrating amongst good food and great neighbors. A special thank you to Lauren Evans for organizing the event! Mark your calendar for next year–Sunday, November 26th!


August 24, 2016


The HPPOC Annual Picnic will take place on Sunday, September 25th from 3:30-6pm. More information can be found here. Residents interested in volunteering should email Mark your calendar!

HPPOC Picnic Flyer


July 25th, 2016

As most homeowners are likely aware, the HPPOC changed management entities in the spring of this year. The Huntington is now managed by FirstService Residential. All homeowners should have received a welcome mailer when this change was made. If you did not receive your welcome mailer and/or still have not paid your annual dues, please be reach out to our Community Manager, Chris Moran as soon as possible to arrange payment. He can be reached by phone at 310-981-9909 or by emailing

We hope you are having a wonderful summer!

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!! Here is the agenda for the January 5th Board of Directors meeting.  Please note the 9 am start time.

December 12, 2015


Here is the background on why the official process needed to be cancelled.

In a planning meeting between HPPOC’s legal counsel and the HPPOC staff regarding voting procedures for the upcoming meeting on Tuesday, it was discovered that the outer envelopes (containing the sealed secret ballots) were opened in error by the HPPOC office staff.  Unfortunately, this error invalidates this voting initiative and therefore the results can no longer be treated as an official approval or disapproval for having a security patrol car in our neighborhood.  The actual ballots inside the inner envelope remain sealed, intact and not yet viewed.  We will count all ballots (250 properly submitted thus far) on Tuesday evening for informational purposes only.  These informal results will be shared and we will use this information and discuss if we should or should not conduct a second official ballot initiative.  The meeting and tabulation process will be supervised by outside counsel and members’ voting decisions will remain confidential.  We continue to encourage members to submit their ballots and hope to see you Tuesday night.

Regards, Sue Jameson, President, HPPOC Board of Directors







Location:                     Community United Methodist Church

801 Via de la Paz, Pacific Palisades

Call to Order:              6:30 p.m.

Purpose:                      To vote on an increase in the regular assessment

It is with great regret that the Board of Directors has determined that due to errors in the handling and processing of returned ballots, the Membership Meeting and vote on the increase in regular assessments must be cancelled. Mistakes have been made which invalidate the balloting process. In lieu of a Membership Meeting, the Board will conduct a special Board of Directors meeting at same time and place. Please see the Notice attached hereto.

Although the results cannot be considered a formal vote of the membership, the ballots will nonetheless be tabulated at the Board of Directors meeting on December 15, 2015.  Ballots will be opened at the meeting in a manner which would ensure the confidentiality of the voter and the results will be used for informational purposes only.



December 11, 2015



Notice of CANCELLATION of Membership Meeting 

November 25, 2015

Anti-Mansionization Rules

Dear Huntington Property Owner:

The City of Los Angeles has current anti-mansionization building regulations that govern the size of a dwelling on each property that is not within a Coastal zone (see map and list of the Huntington Coastal Zone streets.)   The Department of City Planning is proposing additional restrictions that will further reduce what can be built.  See attached documents for more information.

If you would like to express your views on the proposed changes, the Department of City Planning is holding 4 public hearings on the Citywide Proposed Zoning Code Amendment at different parts of the city.  The closest location to the Palisades is on Thursday, December 3, 2015, from 7PM – 9 PM at the Belmont Village Senior Living Westwood, 10475 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.  If you wish to express your views in writing, here are email addresses for the appropriate officials.

City Planning to Hagu Solomon-Cary:  Tel:  213-978-1394

Councilmember Mike Bonin:  Email:  213-473-7011

Brentwood & Pacific Palisades Field Deputy:  Sharon Shapiro  email:

The HPPOC is generally against The City of Los Angeles dictating such codes in our neighborhood as we have our own Architecture Regulations that we feel best suits our needs.  We have previously written to our local officials so opposing the proposed regulations; a copy of that correspondence is attached.

Below is a summary of the proposed changes written by one of HPPOC’s consulting architects, Richard Blumenberg:

  1. The overall allowable dwelling size is being reduced.
  2. In the current regulations, the first 400 square feet of a garage is not counted as building area.  Now they are proposing to eliminate this exemption resulting in a 400 sq. ft. deduction  from the allowable area.
  3. The current regulations do not count as area the first 250 sq. ft. of covered porches.  Now what is being proposed is to count the entire covered porch  as area.
  4. The current regulations gives options which allow for an additional 20 percent bonus of building area.  All of those options are proposed to be eliminated except for  the one that requires the second floor to be smaller than the first floor.  For this option the current regulations require that the second floor be no more than 75% of the first floor.  Now what is being proposed is to reduce the second floor area to 60%.

To give you an example of what this may mean to you, for a 10,000 sq. ft. lot, the current allowable area is 5,400 sq. ft.  Under the proposed changes the area would be reduced to 4,400 sq. ft.  Using the current $1,000 per sq. ft. selling value.  That will result in a reduction of house value of $1,000,000.  In addition, there is currently no restriction for the second floor area if one of the other 20% bonus options is utilized.  Under the proposed changes, the second floor would be limited to 1,650 sq. ft. (60% of 2,750).


Sue Jameson, Board President of  HPPOC

If would like to receive updates directly from the Planning Department, please email o receive updates email and ask to be added to the interest list. Please type “Add Me to BMO/BHO Notification List” in the subject line.


Q&A sheet


November 8, 2015

Here is the agenda for the Thursday, November 12th HPPOC Board meeting 6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz. HP Agenda November 12 2015

September 29, 2015

The October 6th HPPOC Board meeting date, time and location have been changed. The meeting will be held Saturday, October 3rd at 4:30 pm at the Huntington Park, 15010 Corona del Mar.  Here is the agenda – HP Agenda October 3 2015

September 29, 2015

Security Services in the Huntington Palisades

To all Huntington residents:

Safety is among our top priorities for our community and therefore a dedicated security patrol is an important deterrent to ward off criminals, especially since LAPD cars do not frequently patrol our Huntington neighborhood.

Since 1980, ADT or it predecessor companies have deployed dedicated patrol service cars to the Huntington Palisades. The Huntington Palisades Protective Association (“HPPA”), a voluntary organization that has been supported financially by the residents of our neighborhood, has contracted with and managed the services of ADT. However, the sustainability of the financial model of HPPA to provide a 24/7 dedicated patrol car is questionable for the future. The entire Huntington community benefits from the patrol car services, but less than half of our residents join HPPA and support the costs of these important services.

We have found that in most homeowners’ organizations, security patrol services are covered by the homeowners’ mandatory association, such as our HPPOC (Huntington Palisades Property Homeowners Corporation).  Because the HPPOC Board believes that maintaining a security patrol is important for our community and should continue, the Board believes that HPPOC should manage this responsibility going forward and that all Huntington residents should bear the costs for community patrol services as part of the HPPOC regular annual budget.

Accordingly, HPPOC solicited proposals from three firms to provide private patrol services in the Huntington Palisades. All three firms have indicated an interest in providing patrol services to the Huntington Palisades and have indicated they will provide proposals. In early October, the HPPOC Board will review these proposals and provide a recommendation based on reputation, services offered, and cost.

In order to provide patrol services, the HPPOC will require an increase in the annual budget (and assessment) that requires a vote of the general membership of the HPPOC. So, we will be reaching out to you next month with a ballot initiative asking you to approve or disapprove an increase in your assessment that will enable HPPOC to cover these costs. The amount of the increase will depend on the chosen firm; the contract can vary significantly depending on the experience of the patrol officers and the suite of services. We will provide specific numbers once we receive and evaluate the proposals from the three firms. For those of you who are members of HPPA, your combined out-of-pocket cost could remain the same or go down. Non-HPPA members will see an increase in their annual costs.

Should a majority of the quorum vote in favor of increasing the assessments, the Board will seek to secure a contract with the firm of choice. By year end, patrol service management will transition from HPPA to HPPOC and HPPA will be dissolved and wound down accordingly. Should the vote be insufficient or denied, the future of the HPPA for the next fiscal year will be re-evaluated.

In the meantime, we wish all HPPOC residents to stay tuned for the next communication with respect patrol services.

Regards, Sue Jameson, President, Board of Directors

September 16, 2015

Notice to HPPOC Members: Re Huntington Park

In an effort to continue to improve the quality and drought tolerant performance of the Huntington Park’s kikuyu turf, as we did last year at this time, a rigorous turf scalping/verticut/seeding program will be started after the September 27 Party In The Park.

For approximately one week there will be special equipment working at the park removing large quantities of turf from the scalping/verticutting.  The park can be used during this time, but please be aware of the need to allow the maintenance crew to perform their work and steer clear of them for your safety.

When that process is completed, the seeding and fertilizing will take place and during this time the park will be closed for any use or activities. This should be the second and third week in October.

We will post notices here and at the park when we know the exact days the park will be off limits.

Thank you for your patience.

The Park Committee

September 4, 2015

Here is the agenda for the September 8th HPPOC Board meeting,  6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz.  HP Agenda September 8, 2015

August 26, 2015

The Next HPPOC Board meeting will be September 8th, 6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz.

August 1, 2015

The HPPOC Board meeting for August has been canceled.

June 25, 2015

Here is an agenda for a quick Board meeting on Monday June 29th.  The July 7th meeting has been canceled because most of the Board will be out of town.

June 4, 2015

Here is the agenda for the June 9th HPPOC Board meeting,  6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz.

May 12, 2015

Dear Homeowners:

Recently, the Huntington Palisades Property Owners Association undertook an initiative to revise our filming rules in the following ways a) better protection for HPPOC and the homeowners via strengthened indemnity provisions and, b) streamlined and clearer permit and approval processes for the association’s management, the production company and the homeowner. Filming fees and rules vis-à-vis days, times, etc. remain unchanged.  The revised Rules and Regulations for Filming and Still Photography (“Rules”) are attached.  Pursuant to state statutory requirements, the Board has approved these draft Rules to be sent to the homeowners for a thirty (30) day comment period.  Thereafter, the Board will review any comments from homeowners. Please submit any comments to the HPPOC home office.  If the Board revises the Rules based on the comments, the revised Rules will be resent to the homeowners for an additional thirty (30) day comment period.  If the Board does not revise, but rather approves the Rules as drafted, the homeowners will be provided a copy of the Rules within fifteen (15) days of the Board’s decision.


The Board of Directors

Huntington Palisades Property Owners Association

Current Film Rules   HP.FILM Rules and App.Current.011508-Superceded

Proposed Film  Rules  4.7.2015.HPPOC. Proposed.Filming

April 30, 2015

Calling all Huntington Palisades residents, you are invited to attend the monthly HPPOC Board meeting! Here’s the Agenda for the May 5th meeting, 630 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz.

See the Agenda here;

April 2, 2015

Here’s the Agenda for the April 7th HPPOC Board meeting, 630 pm at the United Methodist Church, 801 Via De La Paz

March 26, 2015

Dear Huntington Residents:

The LA City Council is imposing severe restrictions on home building in select neighborhoods throughout the City of Los Angeles in an effort to thwart “mansionization.”  The key component is to restrict the home footprint to 50% of the lot’s square footage.    As you know, HPPOC has its own architectural guidelines which allow for building up to 63% of a footprint. While the Huntington is not currently targeted, it could be and then YOUR PROPERTY VALUES WILL MOST LIKELY DECLINE. So, the HPPOC Board has drafted a letter opposing the implementation of the ordinance for our neighborhood and we would like to have ALL of the Huntington residents who are similarly opposed sign the letter.  So, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  We need a block captain for each street in the Huntington to go door to door and gather signatures.  Please email Chase Holiday ( in the HPPOC office and let her know if you are willing to help us accomplish this initiative.  This is an old fashion technique, but it will be a powerful tool to underline the seriousness of our objections. Please click on the tab “Mansionization” for detailed information about the ordinance.

Many thanks,

Sue Jameson, HPPOC President

February 26, 2015

Here is the Agenda for the March 3rd HPPOC Board meeting.  Meetings will now be held the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Community United Methodist Church – 801 Via Del Paz, Hart Lounge

January 30, 2015

Here is the Agenda for the Annual Meeting which is February 3, 6:30 pm.

WE STILL NEED 36 Proxies.  Please send in your Proxy as soon as possible!

Here is a blank proxy for Huntington Residents. HP Mailer PROXY Only 2015

You can fax to: 310-454-2918

Scan and email to

January 20, 2015

Huntington we need your Proxy or Ballot ASAP!

Dear Huntington Residents!

Thank you to those of you who have sent in a ballot or a proxy for the HPPOC Board election!

As of of today, WE STILL NEED 88 votes to have a quorum!

You can fax to: 310-454-2918

Scan and email to

Or mail to: PO Box 1585, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

If you need an proxy please email the HPPOC Office for a blank proxy.

Even if you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting Tuesday, February 3th, we ask that you PLEASE send us your proxy or ballot now.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


The HPPOC Office

January Agenda

Here is the Agenda for the Jan 13th HPPOC Board meeting

Sunday, November 30 for our first Annual Holiday Lights Celebration

Please join us on Sunday, November 30 for our first annual Holiday Lights Celebration as we gather to watch the trees along Pampas Ricas come to life with twinkling lights.  The festivities will take place on Pampas Ricas between Chapala and Ocampo beginning at 5:30pm, with the official lighting at 6pm.  There will be a no-host food truck (Border Grill!!!), a no-host specialty coffee/hot chocolate cart, music and more!  The event will wind down by 7:30pm.  We hope to see you all there as we welcome this season of joy and goodwill.  And in the spirit of giving, we will be collecting cans of food for SPY (Safe Place for Youth).

November Agenda

Here is the Agenda for the Nov 11th HPPOC Board meeting

September 18

Annual Party in the Park – Sunday September 28th, 3:30 – 6:30 pm

Please come join us for a fun afternoon at the Annual Huntington Picnic. This year will be even bigger and better! While grooving to the always popular Let’s Party! DJ, quench your thirst with a variety of cocktails generously donated by the SHOREbar. For dinner, the Pie ‘n Burger truck is prepared to serve the masses, which means no more long lines!! Kids will be busy with potato sack races, the fire trucks, water balloon tosses, a bouncy house and a balloon-making clown. If that isn’t enough fun, they can take a pony ride or satisfy their sweet tooth with a delectable dessert from K Bakery. Remember to bring cash and picnic blankets. Don’t miss our neighborhood’s party of the year!

kids at picnic 2013

September 6

Here is the agenda for the September 9th HPPOC Board meeting.

August 14

Greetings!  The HPPOC Office has sent out the mailing for the new key cards for the Huntington Park.  If you would like a key card, please carefully read the rules and release form, sign it and mail it back to us ASAP.  If you would like to bring your dogs to the exercise area, please fill out the dog section also of the release form, and include a check for $25 per dog.  Our goal is to switch over to the key cards by Monday, September 15.

August 8

Here is the agenda for the August HPPOC Board meeting

July 24

Huntington Park Update

“The gates and the key cards are moving forward. We just wanted to let you know there will be a learning curve with the system. We will be sending a mailer soon which will include the Rules and the Indemnity agreement. Our goal is to be fully functioning in mid-August.”

July 22

Park Advisory Board Meeting re Parking

On Wednesday evening, July 23rd at 7:00 in the small gym at the Palisades Park there will be an important meeting of the Park Advisory Board to discuss the addition of parking spaces to the park.

This parking issue is one that impacts all of the residents on Alma Real as well as Frontera, Chapala, Ocampo and Toyopa residents, in particular.  When the Potrero Canyon Park is opened, parking may become a huge issue.  There are realistic alternatives that need to be considered. The entire Huntington will be impacted because of the increased traffic on Corona Del Mar/ Alma Real.

Anyone who wants to comment should attend this meeting.

July 11

Huntington Park Work Closure

Monday July 14 – Friday July 18

The verticutting, clean-up and fertilizing of the grass will take place this coming week, so the park will be locked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It will be open again (and despite appearances) safe to use as of Friday morning.  We look forward to this first step in the ongoing improvements to our park.  The Huntington Park Committee

July 8

HPPOC Board meeting tonight 7 pm, Tahitian Terrace.  Here is the agenda.

July 3

It is so gratifying  and refreshing to see kids and their parents using the people side of the park and benefiting from this fabulous space, as well as seeing residents enjoying their dogs in the exercise area.  We want to thank all the Huntington residents for making the reopening of the park (both sides) such a success. Everyone has been great about being respectful of the neighbors and respecting the rules.  We wanted to update you on where we stand moving forward.

FIREWORKS for 4th of July- as usual, there will be a number of firework displays over this 4th of July weekend from the various clubs and beach communities.  As it has been a tradition for residents to go watch from our park, we will be keeping the people side open until 10 pm ( Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  The dog exercise area will continue to be locked at 8, but please enjoy the fireworks from the people only side.  NO DOGS PLEASE

Key Card entry– the process is moving forward and we anticipate having it all set to go the first week of August.  We will let you know all the details as we get closer to an actual date.  As the reopening of the park has gone so well, the need for a presence by HPPOC on a daily basis seems unnecessary- going forward it will be on a sporadic basis, but the security cameras are in place and will be monitored.  If you see something that seems amiss, please call the HPPOC office or ADT patrol with your concerns- we can review and see who was there and what transpired and ADT can ask people to leave if necessary.

Grass upkeep– The grass that is in the park is currently very high and spongy (due to the type of grass it is).  We have opted to make it safer to walk on and reduce watering/maintenance costs by having it verticut within the next few weeks.  The good news is that once it is done it will be much easier to walk on and require less water and not be as difficult to mow.  The bad news is it will look awful for about 2-3 weeks.  We know that this will be an eyesore, but it will be much nicer after it is done, and it will be able to be used as usual while we await the nice, green grass look we all love and expect.

We are delighted with the way it has gone so far and encourage you to plan playdates, picnic lunches, late afternoon Frisbee or pick-up soccer games with friends and family at our beautiful Huntington Park.

June 26

Good News — Park Reopening Wednesday at 4pm

The Park will reopen Wednesday at 4pm. Park dynamics:

  1. Hours:  7am until dark during the week and 8am until dark on the weekends
  2. People side:  NO DOGS allowed in any circumstances
  3. Accessory area:  Dogs allowed off leash – only 2 dogs allowed per person
  4. Good Neighbor Policy:  Please be respectful of the neighbors that live nearby
  5. Locks:  Padlocks are on the south and north gate – the code is the one that was verbally cited at the Board meeting.  If you were not present, please call the HPPOC office at 454-4913 to get the code.  For obvious reasons, we do not want it printed.  The locks are a bit difficult to open; you must press the top and bottom together to open the padlock.
  6. HPPOC presence:  Our home office will be present at certain times of the day and she will give you the code provided you are a Huntington resident (she will have a list of members).  Current times are 4 until 8 during the week.  This weekend, she will also be present on Saturday and on Sunday.
  7. Future Security:  We have ordered the card key system.  We will allow one card per family and all families will be required to sign a liability release.  Dog owners will have a red card key that will act as the dog tag in the future.  It will take 6 to 8 eights for the system to be fully operational.
  8. Dog Tags:  Tags are necessary to use the park until such time that we install the permanent card key system.  If you do not have a dog tag (and thus signed a liability release form), you will not be allowed to use the park.  This is clearly an honor system now since we will not have 24-hour security coverage.
  9. Issues:  Please feel free to call HPPOC – only open during daytime hours; otherwise, call the local ADT mobile number.  They have access to Board members should an emergency arise.
  10. Entry/Exit:  Please lock the gates after you enter and when you leave.  There is a gate in the middle of the temporary fence without a lock.  This egress allows persons NOT dogs to freely roam from one side of the park to another.

Let’s all get back together and enjoy this slice of Eden in our own backyards.  The Huntington Park Committee

June 20th

Thank you to everyone who was able to make the meeting last night, it was wonderful to see such a great turnout.  After a detailed presentation of the history and issues relating to the park there was a question and answer session where residents were able to raise their concerns and ask questions of the committee and the board.  Many issues, concerns and ideas were aired and the majority of those in attendance were in agreement with the proposal that the committee had put forward.  The board then voted to accept the proposal.  The result of that is : there will be a temporary fence installed early next week that will divide the park into large a people only side and a smaller dog exercise area.  Once it has been installed the locks will have the code that was mentioned at the meeting.  Members who want to use the park can contact the office (call or email) for that code.  The work for the new card system and gates will begin and when it is ready will be installed (about 3 weeks).  Once the new gates are in place residents will be contacted with the information about signing a release and getting a card key.  For the time being, to ensure that only dogs owned by residents are using the exercise area and that all of us are abiding by the “good neighbor” policy that shows our respect for our friends and neighbors, HPPOC office staff will be at the park from 4-8 pm on weekdays meeting residents and answering any questions you may have.  We are delighted that our beautiful park will be open by next week and look forward to seeing all of you out there enjoying yourselves.  Happy Summer

June 19th

Hope to see you tonight at the HPPOC Board meeting at the Palisades Library, 861 Alma Real Drive, 7pm

Here is the most recent Park Comment Summary.   Park Comments as of June 19 2014

June 16, 2014

Thursday, June 19th is the HPPOC General Meeting at the Public Library at 7pm.  We will be presenting the Park Committee recommendations for a Board vote and we urge all members to attend.  During the current 30 day comment period, we have received 60 responses, including one petition for no dogs at all.  Feel free to continue providing comments to  Click here Park Comments as of June 13 2014 2 to see the PDF of a summary of the results submitted thus far.  If anyone wants their comments to be made public, please let us know and we will post them.  The meeting agenda is also posted – see HP Agenda June 19, 2014.  We will be adding a summary of the Davis Stirling Act to our website early this week. This Act sets out the statutory requirements and governance procedures for California Homeowners Associations.   Finally, we hope to see a large turnout at Thursday’s meeting as the Board considers the Park Committee’s recommendations and hears comments from our fellow residents with respect to the re-opening and future plan for the Park.”

For more info about the park, please visit the Huntington Park page.