August 5, 2015

Dear Huntington Homeowners:

Below are the results of the July 2015 survey requesting feedback on the Revised Proposed Parklet on La Cruz at the entrance to the Huntington Palisades.  The results reflect 77 responses.  Of the 77, two thirds are not in favor of the parklet at the La Cruz location even with the revised plans, but two thirds are in support of a parklet at another location in Pacific Palisades.  As you may recall, the HPPOC Board passed a resolution at the June Board meeting opposing the Revised Proposed Parklet at the La Cruz location.

Sue Jameson, President

See the Results here Parklet Survey Results 8.1.2015

At the June 9th HPPOC Board meeting there was a presentation for Huntington residents of the proposed parklet at the entrance to Huntington Palisades in front of the Palisades Garden Café.  As many of you know, Huntington residents under the leadership of David Peterson raised serious concerns about safety at this location given the volume of teens that socialize at this spot on school day afternoons.  The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) listened to our objections and has responded with a revised plan that includes safety measures with street crossings, stripings and other techniques.  This revised plan is attached along with a visual rendering of what the parklet would look like; both will be presented by PRIDE and LADOT tomorrow evening.

On a general level, the parklet movement has been successful in other urban environments and we applaud PRIDE for putting Pacific Palisades at the forefront of this movement.  Strategically, the purpose of a parklet is to create a mini-extension of an existing restaurant, bolster the social environment and reduce sidewalk congestion.  The target geographic spot is a side street with existing stop signs and traffic flowing at less than 25 miles an hour.   All of these objectives appear to be met with the Garden Café spot.  However, the target audience is probably not ideal.  The afternoon teen social traffic spilling into the streets could pose a safety threat no matter what street enhancement safeguards are implemented.

The HPPOC will vote on a resolution of support or no support at the Board meeting tomorrow night after the presentations.  During the month of June, Huntington resident Stuart Sellers will conduct a new survey using Survey Monkey asking Huntington residents to vote on the revised plan.  These results will be shared with LADOT and Councilman Bonin’s office.  Our community support is vital for this project to move forward.  Without our support, it is unlikely the project will be supported at that location.  If this is the case, and PRIDE and Councilman’s Bonin office decide not to move forward, then an alternative road map is viable.  Another Pacific Palisades location could be selected and LADOT will welcome a revised alternative spot and keep our process live; they would not place PRIDE at the back of the process line.  Secondly, PRIDE and/or PPCC would apply via LADOT for city funds to implement the suggested safety improvements at this T section.  The original source of funding for the safety features is only available for the coupling of the parklet and the improvements.  With the parklet out of the mix, a renewed effort and alternative City funds would need to be tapped for the improvements as a solo project.

Regards, Sue Jameson, HPPOC President and the HPPOC Board of Directors


Drawing A 3 4 Renderin

Drawing Parklet.Rendering