Pacific Palisades Homeless Task Force

We will post occasional updates from the PPHTF. For more info please visit their website or Facebook page.

Meeting Notes from the 8/25/15 OPCC meeting.   PPTFH_Minutes_2015-0825

Meeting notes from July 21st Enforcement meeting. PPTFH_Minutes_2015-0714

Or watch it on youtube here


Purpose and Mission.

The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH) was formed in October 2014 as an independent group of community volunteers committed to compassionately addressing the serious issues associated with homelessness in the Palisades. PPTFH’s mission is To provide leadership and resources to manage and eliminate the destructive consequences of Palisades’ homelessness so that the community is protected, remains safe and our homeless people receive compassionate, effective services with access to permanent housing.”


While PPTFH seeks to protect the community from the impacts of homelessness, it is committed to helping homeless individuals who are law abiding and willing to receive the compassionate services and permanent housing that they need. To succeed in this endeavor, the hearts, skills, generosity of spirit and resources of the entire community including every community and faith-based organization, business owner and resident will need to collaborate to achieve our goals. With a “can do,” optimistic attitude and unfaltering pursuit of well-conceived goals, within two to three years the Palisades will take pride in having protected its community while providing our homeless persons with pathways to compassionate services, permanent housing and hope for a better future.