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November 25, 2015

Anti-Mansionization Rules

Dear Huntington Property Owner:

The City of Los Angeles has current anti-mansionization building regulations that govern the size of a dwelling on each property that is not within a Coastal zone (see map and list of the Huntington Coastal Zone streets.)   The Department of City Planning is proposing additional restrictions that will further reduce what can be built.  See attached documents for more information.

If you would like to express your views on the proposed changes, the Department of City Planning is holding 4 public hearings on the Citywide Proposed Zoning Code Amendment at different parts of the city.  The closest location to the Palisades is on Thursday, December 3, 2015, from 7PM – 9 PM at the Belmont Village Senior Living Westwood, 10475 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.  If you wish to express your views in writing, here are email addresses for the appropriate officials.

City Planning to Hagu Solomon-Cary:  Tel:  213-978-1394

Councilmember Mike Bonin:  Email:  213-473-7011

Brentwood & Pacific Palisades Field Deputy:  Sharon Shapiro  email:

The HPPOC is generally against The City of Los Angeles dictating such codes in our neighborhood as we have our own Architecture Regulations that we feel best suits our needs.  We have previously written to our local officials so opposing the proposed regulations; a copy of that correspondence is attached.

Below is a summary of the proposed changes written by one of HPPOC’s consulting architects, Richard Blumenberg:

  1. The overall allowable dwelling size is being reduced.
  2. In the current regulations, the first 400 square feet of a garage is not counted as building area.  Now they are proposing to eliminate this exemption resulting in a 400 sq. ft. deduction  from the allowable area.
  3. The current regulations do not count as area the first 250 sq. ft. of covered porches.  Now what is being proposed is to count the entire covered porch  as area.
  4. The current regulations gives options which allow for an additional 20 percent bonus of building area.  All of those options are proposed to be eliminated except for  the one that requires the second floor to be smaller than the first floor.  For this option the current regulations require that the second floor be no more than 75% of the first floor.  Now what is being proposed is to reduce the second floor area to 60%.

To give you an example of what this may mean to you, for a 10,000 sq. ft. lot, the current allowable area is 5,400 sq. ft.  Under the proposed changes the area would be reduced to 4,400 sq. ft.  Using the current $1,000 per sq. ft. selling value.  That will result in a reduction of house value of $1,000,000.  In addition, there is currently no restriction for the second floor area if one of the other 20% bonus options is utilized.  Under the proposed changes, the second floor would be limited to 1,650 sq. ft. (60% of 2,750).


Sue Jameson, Board President of  HPPOC

If would like to receive updates directly from the Planning Department, please email o receive updates email and ask to be added to the interest list. Please type “Add Me to BMO/BHO Notification List” in the subject line.


March 26, 2015

Dear Huntington Residents:

The LA City Council is imposing severe restrictions on home building in select neighborhoods throughout the City of Los Angeles in an effort to thwart “mansionization.”  The key component is to restrict the home footprint to 50% of the lot’s square footage.   As you know, HPPOC has its own architectural guidelines which allow for building up to 63% of a footprint. While the Huntington is not currently targeted, it could be and then YOUR PROPERTY VALUES WILL MOST LIKELY DECLINE. So, the HPPOC Board has drafted a letter opposing the implementation of the ordinance for our neighborhood and we would like to have ALL of the Huntington residents who are similarly opposed sign the letter.  So, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  We need a block captain for each street in the Huntington to go door to door and gather signatures.  Please email Chase Holiday ( in the HPPOC office and let her know if you are willing to help us accomplish this initiative.  This is an old fashion technique, but it will be a powerful tool to underline the seriousness of our objections. Please visit and click on the tab “Mansionization” for detailed information about the ordinance.

Many thanks,

Sue Jameson, HPPOC President

Letter to Bonin BMO 3 17 15 HPPOC

PalPatch.3.18.15 Letter to Councilman Bonin from PPCL