Holiday Lights

December 2013:

    This year the Board approved the placing of Holiday Lights on the trees on the Pampas Ricas medians.  The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and we thought the background of the installation should be shared with you.  It turned out to be a rather daunting task and involved the help of a lot of people.  The beautiful lighting was installed by Debbie Dunning of Magical Holiday Designs.  Among other projects, they light the Living Desert in Palm Desert, do all the holiday lighting for El Paseo in Palm Desert and Palm Springs, do the holiday lights for cities, hotels,  and residences.  They were excited about having the exposure in Pacific Palisades and were enthusiastic about how it would turn out. Selecting Magical Holiday Designs proved to be the easy part of the job.

    From the outset, it was hoped that lights could also be placed on the trees on the Altata, Alva and Alma Real islands but the absence of power prevented that from happening.  In fact, the absence of power almost prevented the lighting of the Pampas Ricas medians as well.  Although there is a source of power on the bus stop island on the Sunset end of Pampas Ricas which lights those trees, the power thought to be on the islands because there are automatic sprinklers proved to be elusive and almost illusory.  We considered solar power and had great help from Mike Brunelle from Suntricity, Inc. to see if that could be a feasible solution but from both a practical and financial standpoint, it really would not work.  We considered battery power and for a while thought that could be the answer but that also proved to be impractical for a variety of reasons. We had permission from one city agency to tap into the low voltage power source that lights the street lamps but we could not get permission from other involved city agencies to run a power cord across one side of Pampas Ricas even if it was  covered with a rubber sheath.  We enlisted the help of Norm Kulla and  Fred Sutton of Councilman Mike Bonin’s office and even with their terrific assistance we could not get approval.  When we were running out of ideas and while the tree lights were actually being installed, Palisades Electric came to the rescue.  After several futile attempts, the crew from Palisades Electric managed to run a 100 foot snake through a conduit jam packed with sprinkler control wire that ran under the wide street intersections and connected all of the islands.   They were then able to pull a connection from one island to another all the way down Pampas Ricas and installed outlets at the ends of  every island that the lights could be linked up with.   There was one additional hiccup that Palisades Electric solved and we were able to power the lights from El Cerco to Sunset.   Needless to say, it was pretty exciting to see them go on!!

    The current Board believes this could be the start of a great Huntington holiday tradition and is going to ask the City if DWP will provide a power source for all the median islands in the Huntington with the hope that next year all the islands can be lighted.

    The Holiday Lights are down and we again want to thank Jamie McLeod and his team from PALISADES ELECTRIC  who made the Holiday Lights on Pampas Ricas possible.  The lights simply would not have been possible without without their skill and effort. Please visit their website or call 310-454-6994

Palisades Electric

  Also another thank you to ELVIS SANDOVAL and his gardening crew for the great job trimming the palm and coral trees on Pampas Ricas and burying all the cords.