HPPOC Film Rules

The Huntington Palisades is a very popular location for filming.

The HPPOC requires a location company to pay a fee and obtain an HPPOC Permit to film in the Huntington.  Our Filming Rules and Regulations are on file with FilmL.A., Inc. of the City of Los Angeles. Filming is allowed Monday through Friday 7am to 10 pm – No filming on weekends.

If you are approached by a location company to film on your property, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform the location manager(s) that they must obtain permits issued by the HPPOC and FilmL.A., Inc. in order to film in the HP.

If you are a Location Manager, please contact our Community Manager, Nick Gambino, to submit your film application.


Filming is limited to five times per calendar year and ten aggregate days (or portions thereof) per calendar year.

$1000 per day for filming, $750 per day for prep and strike.

$750 per day for still shoots.

Check the Film Rules page for “Special Lessened Impact Still Shoots” & fees.

The fees charged by the HPPOC for filming are used to help defray costs of the CDM Park, our islands, parkway maintenance and general beautification of our neighborhood.  We support filming in California and want to maintain a positive relationship between the filming industry and our members. This can only be achieved if both parties follow the filming rules.