Dues & Assessments

HPPOC assessments are an annual assessment based on a calendar year of January 1st- December 31 and is due is due February 1.  The amounts vary from lot to lot and are based on the square footage of the lot.   Please look for the invoice from FirstService Residential in January of each year and contact the Community Manager if you do not receive it.

The current status of your account is available on the FirstService Residential web portal for the Huntington Palisades:  http://huntingtonpalisades.connectresident.com.    The portal has a payment option as well.

As set forth in the Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy Adopted January 2022, interest will be charged on past due balances, and delinquent assessments will be pursued after a grace period.  The collection process is expensive, and it involves individual charges for letters and legal actions that are billed to the HPPOC by FirstService Residential and other third parties.   The HPPOC must charge these costs to delinquent account holders to be fair to the account holders that pay their assessments on time.   The interest and fees can quickly accumulate to an amount that is significantly greater than the initial assessment, so please take care to pay your assessment on time.

The Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy and the schedule of collection charges are included in the Annual Notice materials distributed to the membership.