Architectural Rules & Review

The visionary founders of Huntington Palisades created a mandatory homeowners’ association, Huntington Palisades Property Owners Corporation “HPPOC” with the intent to manage and protect our community’s character.  Article II (3) of The Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation granted an Architectural Committee of 3 architects the power to accept or reject all construction plans in our neighborhood. Additionally, our CC&R’s are very specific with respect to building requirements in our neighborhood and our Architectural Requirements are the operating document to carry out these mandates. Accordingly, any construction, small or large, must be submitted to our home HPPOC office and reviewed by the ARC committee.

For your initial submission, please see the various HPPOC approved documents that govern the building process:

  1. ARC Requirements
  2. Construction Application (details all submission requirements)
  3. Construction Agreement
  4. ARC Schedule of Fines

Please telephone or email the HPPOC Community Manager if you have any questions. Their contact information is on the Welcome page of this website.  You may book an appointment with two ARC Members if you would like to discuss your project through the HPPOC Office.

Also, no construction or demolition may commence before the drawings are approved by the ARC, even if you have procured City or Coastal Commission permits.

Once submitted, the committee will review your drawings and you will be notified in writing if your plans have been accepted or rejected. The time frame is generally 10 to 14 working days. Reasons for a rejection will be noted and you will be asked to make the corrections and resubmit your plans.

Once construction starts, changes are often required due to unforeseen circumstances, contractor changes, or changes desired by the owner, etc. Before you implement those changes, you will be required to submit the revised drawings to the ARC and obtain the ARC’s approval prior to installing any of the changes. If the changes are minor, please contact the office and or the ARC Committee to discuss whether these changes require a resubmittal

Our ARC Committee does a periodic drive through the neighborhood to monitor all of the construction projects. They may drop by your site to compare the approved plans with the actual construction. The HPPOC approved drawings must be on site at all times.   Should the architect note a deviation from the plans, we may ask you to cease construction to discuss next steps which could be remedial construction and /or plan resubmission at your expense. Such resubmissions require additional fees, the initial $5,000 deposit may be forfeited, and fines may be levied. The Construction Application attached including the Schedule of Fines details this process.

Finally, we ask that you respect your neighbors during construction. Please abide by the construction hours, no Sunday or holiday work, no loud music, parking etiquette, a clean site, and a timely finish. Best of luck with your project. It will be a wonderful addition to our neighborhood!

Here are the forms you will need.

HPPOC Construction Application Procedures

HPPOC – Architectural Rules & Review Requirements

HPPOC Construction Agreement

Schedule of Fines HP Construction Schedule of Fines Final 11.12.2015